How to verify if a company is registered in Kenya

by Wakili Liam

You can check if the company is registered through the E citizen Portal following the process below:

  1. Login to your E-citizen account.
  2. Click the <Business Registration Service> link and select the <Make Application> option
  3. You will see a list of services from which you will select the one called <official Search(Third party Application)>
  4. You will see a pop up prompting you to apply with the fee indicated as Ksh. 650.
  5. Click <Apply Now> and enter the name of the company you are searching on.
  6. The company’s name will be shown. click on it and select <Next>
  7. Enter your Postal Address and Postal Code and click <Continues>
  8. Verify the information and click <Finish>
  9. Choose the payment mode and pay the Sh650
  10. Upon successful payment you will be directed to a page called <application details> where you will download Form cr12 containing information of the company you are looking for.

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