How To Write a Termination Letter To Your Personal Injury Attorney

How to write a termination letter to your personal injury lawyer required expertise as personal injury cases are intricate, often requiring a personal injury attorney’s expertise.

Clients usually have the right to end the attorney-client relationship at any point and for any reason.

How To Write a Termination Letter To Your Personal Injury Attorney
How To Write a Termination Letter To Your Personal Injury Attorney. Source (Forbes)

Reasons Why You May Fire Your Personal Injury Attorney

There have been various complaints from people seeking new legal counsel.

Reasons for ending an attorney-client relationship may differ, but common causes include unprofessionalism, poor communication, inexperience, lack of attention to the case, disagreements on strategy, ethical concerns, and insufficient dedication to aggressive representation.

Things to Consider Before Terminating Your Attorney

Before ending your attorney-client relationship, evaluate your options and consider these questions:

  1. Why do you want to terminate your lawyer?
  2. Can your attorney meet your needs differently?
  3. Is there a signed agreement on termination terms?
  4. Will switching lawyers harm your case?
  5. Do you need court permission to fire your attorney?
  6. How much work has the attorney completed, and are they owed fees?
  7. Have you considered a replacement attorney?

It’s advisable to discuss concerns directly with your attorney to resolve issues before termination, saving time and costs.

How To Terminate Your Current Representation In Your Personal Injury Case

If you’ve made the firm decision to terminate your attorney, send a formal termination letter. Ensure you’re certain because this letter signifies the end of the attorney-client relationship.

Termination Letter to Personal Injury Lawyer
Termination Letter to Personal Injury Lawyer. Source (Forbes)

Tips for writing the letter:

  1. Be Clear: Directly state the termination, reasons, and instruct the attorney to halt pending work. Clearly identify your current attorney by name and include a specific subject line. Send it certified mail or via email.
  2. Be Professional: Maintain professionalism and avoid rude comments.
  3. Request Your Case File: Ask for all your files and cooperation with your new counsel, specifying an address for the case file.
  4. Request an Itemized Invoice: Seek an itemized invoice detailing all fees, including amounts charged and any claimed outstanding amounts.

Sample Termination Letter (Personal Injury Case)

[Your Name] [Your Address] [City, State, ZIP Code]


RE: Termination of Legal Representation

Dear [Attorney’s Name],

I am writing to inform you of my decision to terminate our legal representation immediately due to the following reason(s): {Specify reasons for termination}.

Please be aware that you are not authorized to send any communications or demands on my behalf, and I have informed the relevant parties that you are no longer representing me in my personal injury claim. I request that you refrain from taking any further actions on my behalf.

I am also requesting a complete copy of my case file and an itemized invoice, detailing all fees, including those already charged, and any amounts you claim are outstanding. Please forward the requested case file and invoice to the following address: [Address for case file] within 7 days of receiving this letter.

As I intend to seek new legal counsel, I anticipate your full cooperation with any future requests made on my behalf.


[Your Name]

Seeking New Representation After The Termination Letter

You can replace your attorney and should do so promptly to protect your rights and ensure strong representation.

Communicate any prior issues with your new attorney to prioritize your needs. In personal injury cases, your confidence in your attorney and their client treatment is crucial.