Insurgent Miguna Miguna replies to a defamation demand letter from the Kenyatta family

by Mahakamani News

Miguna Miguna’s affiliated KMM Lawyers have replied to a demand letter from the Kenyatta family. In his response, the exiled lawyer rubbished the demand letter as “legally inept” stating that its contents have not complied strictly with provisions outlined in the Defamation Act and Civil Procedure Rules concerning libel notices.

“that you must particularize each and every alleged offending words and statements, explain their ordinary meanings and demonstrate the purported defamatory meaning(s) on each intended plaintiff”

As a consequence of his ‘exile’, Miguna Miguna also avers that any legal action against him can only commence in courts within the jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario in Canada.

Finally, he stated that it was within public notice that ongoing parliamentary proceedings, criminal investigations by the EACC, and DCI identified the Kenyatta family as orchestrates of the #Covid19Billionaire fraud at the KEMSA and Ministry of Health.

On September 14, 2020, Ms. Samantha Ngina, Nyokabi Kenyatta, Kathleen Kihanya, June Nduta Kinyua, and Ziwala Limited had instructed MM Gitonga Advocates LLP to take legal action against the revolutionary Miguna Miguna for libel.

The 6 all-together stated that on August 25, 2020, Miguna Miguna through his verified Facebook page blogged highly defamation allegations, insinuations, and innuendos against them.

The plaintiffs argue that the posters captioned“COVID Relathieves….wanted for crimes against the sick and dead…” by Miguna Miguna bore conspicuous images of them and pointed at Ziwala Limited hence had elements of defamation.

the alleged defamatory post from Miguna Miguna

Furthermore, the 6 plaintiffs argue that the defamatory statements were misleading, false, and malicious. That Miguna Miguna deliberately crafted the Facebook posts to injure their public reputation without any factual or legal basis whatsoever.

Accordingly, the plaintiffs demand from Miguna Miguna of the following:

  1. A retraction of each and every reference to allegation and innuendos against them in a manner to be approved by them.
  2. An unconditional apology whose content and manner of publication must be approved
  3. A cease and desist.
  4. Expunging of the defamatory statements and all related content from the social media
  5. Admission of liability upon which quantum of damages will be decided.

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