Intruder defiles and poisons two minors

by Lawyer Wanz
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Residents of Thita in Mwingi woke up to sorrow incidents where an unknown intruder defiled and poisoned two minors, ages 2 and 17, at their home.

According to accounts, the assailant entered the house in the dead of Monday night and proceeded to the bedroom where the two minors were sleeping.

According to the Form two girl’s police statement, the attacker choked her until she passed out after she tried to scream. She woke up and the assailant had vanished, leaving behind a pesticide can in their bedroom.

She then told their mother, who was sleeping in another room of the house. The two were rushed to the hospital, but the two-year-old girl was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The 17-year-old had been sexually assaulted, according to Regina Kyambia, the nurse in charge at Mwingi level 4 hospital.

A preliminary examination revealed that she had also ingested poison. She is currently in the hospital undergoing treatment.

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