Investor on Interpol list of wanted persons issues a demand letter to Cyprian Nyakundi

by Mahakamani News

Mahakamani has learnt from its court sources that through Liko & Anam Advocates, Nathan Loyd Ndungu has written to controversial blogger and human rights champion, Cyprian Nyakundi.

The intricacies of the written demand letter inter alia are that Nathan Loyd Ndung’u wants Mr. Nyakundi to remove a recurring defamatory publication in both his website and facebook page.

In the letter addressed to Mr. Cyprian Nyakundi, the demander through his advocates highlights that on 19 March, 2019 Mr. Cyprian Nyakundi published on his website and also on his Facebook page a defamatory article about him titled [ALERT] Kenyan On Interpol’s Most-Wanted List Puts Up His Business For Funding On Europe’s Social Impact Investing Platform.

The demander avows that this title of the blog-post is misleading, false and also of a derogatory nature which is aimed at ruining his reputation. Moreover, it includes a photograph that erroneously depicts him as a fugitive wanted by the Interpol.

As per the letter, Mr. Ndung’u claims that the publication made by Mr. Nyakundi is falsified with blatant lies that have been construed with malicious intentions as neither is his name on the ‘2014 Rwandan Genocide extradition list’ nor is he a Kenyan fraudster on the run from Rwandan authorities..

Mr Ndung’u further asserts that his previously ran entity Avo Health EPZ Limited which was wound up in 2015 due to financial distress did not sink with millions of shillings belonging to local creditors such as the Kenya SME funds and that the recipient of the letter has lied by calling him an extortionist, conman, thug and fugitive who has committed crimes against humanity.

In the letter, Mr Ndung’u further complains that Mr. Nyakundi’s on-line platforms are accessible to millions of people all over the world and the damage that he has suffered because of the publication is wide scale.

The letter demands that in 12 hours, Mr. Nyakundi should not only pull down the ‘defamatory publication and statements’ from the internet but also simultaneously issue an unreserved and unconditional written apology to Mr. Ndung’u for the false defamatory publication through print and his online platforms. The advocates also expect Mr. Nyakundi to admit liability for defamation else he will face civil action.

It remains to be seen if Mr. Nyakundi who runs exposés in his website will pull down the article.

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