Is Attorney Woo Really Autistic? The Truth Behind the Popular Netflix Drama

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you might have heard of Is Attorney Woo Really Autistic? according to the Netflix series Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The show follows the life and career of Woo Young Woo, a brilliant lawyer who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

But is the actress who plays her, Park Eun Bin, really autistic in real life? And how accurate is the portrayal of ASD in the drama?

In this article, I will answer these questions and more, as I explore the facts and myths behind the show.

An image of Attorney Woo
Is Attorney Woo Really Autistic? Find out more about the Netflix personality.
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What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Before we dive into the details of the drama, let’s first understand what ASD is.

According to the World Health Organization, ASD is a developmental disorder that affects how people communicate and interact with others.

People with ASD may have difficulties in social skills, language, behavior, and sensory processing.

They may also have special interests or abilities that are not typical for their age or culture.

ASD is not a single condition, but a spectrum that ranges from mild to severe.

There is no one cause or cure for ASD, and it affects people differently.

Some people with ASD may need a lot of support and assistance in their daily lives, while others may be able to live independently and pursue their goals.

ASD is not a disease or a defect, but a difference that makes people unique and diverse.

Who is Woo Young Woo?

Woo Young Woo is the main character of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, a Netflix original series that premiered in July 2022.

She is a lawyer who works at a prestigious law firm, where she handles various cases involving civil rights, human rights, and social justice.

She is also a genius with an IQ of 164, and a savant who can memorize and recall any information she sees or hears.

However, Woo Young Woo also has ASD, which makes her struggle with social cues, emotions, and relationships.

She often says or does things that are considered rude or inappropriate by others, such as speaking bluntly, ignoring personal boundaries, or expressing her opinions without filter.

She also has sensory issues, such as being sensitive to loud noises, bright lights, or physical contact.

Woo Young Woo prefers to follow a strict routine and dislikes any changes or surprises.

She loves whales and often uses them as metaphors or examples in her arguments.

Is Park Eun Bin Really Autistic?

No, Park Eun Bin is not autistic in real life.

She is a talented actress who has been acting since she was a child, and has starred in many popular dramas and movies, such as Do You Like Brahms?, Hot Stove League, and The Princess’s Man.

She is known for her versatile and expressive acting skills, as well as her charming and cheerful personality.

To prepare for the role of Woo Young Woo, Park Eun Bin did a lot of research and consultation on ASD.

She met with a professor who gave her advice on the general characteristics and behaviors of people with ASD.

Also, she watched documentaries and videos of people with ASD and tried to understand their perspectives and feelings.

She said that she was very cautious and afraid that she might create prejudice or offend anyone with her portrayal.

However, she added that rather than thinking about acting, she needed to understand how she felt about it first.

How Accurate is the Portrayal of ASD in the Drama?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is one of the rare dramas that features a main character with ASD, and tries to depict it in a realistic and respectful way.

The drama does not glamorize or romanticize ASD, but shows both the strengths and challenges of people with ASD.

It also does not stereotype or generalize ASD, but shows the diversity and individuality of people with ASD.

It also does not pity or victimize ASD, but shows the potential and dignity of people with ASD.

The drama also raises awareness and understanding of ASD, and challenges the stigma and discrimination that people with ASD face in society.

It shows how people with ASD are often misunderstood, judged, or excluded by others, who may not accept or appreciate their differences.

It also shows how people with ASD are often mistreated, exploited, or abused by others, who may not respect or protect their rights.

The shows, tells how people with ASD are often lonely, isolated, or depressed, who may not have the support or companionship they need.

However, the drama also shows how people with ASD can overcome their difficulties and achieve their dreams, with the help of their family, friends, and allies.

It shows how people with ASD can find their voice and express their opinions, with the help of their passion and talent.


Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a drama that is extraordinary in many ways.

It is a drama that showcases the beauty and diversity of ASD, and the power and potential of people with ASD. The drama educates, entertains, inspires and empowers.

It is a drama that deserves your attention and admiration, and your applause and appreciation.

If you are curious about the answer to the question, “Is Attorney Woo Really Autistic?”, the answer is yes, in the drama, but no, in real life.

But more importantly, the question you should ask yourself is, “How can I be more understanding and supportive of people with ASD?”

Because that is the real message and meaning of the drama. And that is the real way to be extraordinary.

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