Justice Chacha Suspends Contentious Election Laws

by Mahakamani News
Justice Enoch Chacha Mwita

The High Court has suspended implementation of the election laws amended after the nullification of the August 8 presidential vote.

Justice Enoch Chacha Mwita issued the temporary order after a hearing in the case in which Katiba Institute and Africog, sued the Attorney- General and the Government Printer over the changes made to the Elections laws.

“To avoid confusion on the laws which are in force, I exercise authority and do suspend the election laws pending determination of the case,” the judge said.

The amendments were passed on October 12 and sent to President Uhuru Kenyatta for assent on October 13, but he did not sign the bill within 14 days as stipulated in the law or return it back to Parliament.

The opposition refused to debate the bill, which was largely sponsored by the ruling Jubilee party.

The amended law enables the electoral agency to announce the results of the presidential election in the absence of its chairman.

It also stipulates that should there be a discrepancy between the manual and electronically transmitted results, the former shall prevail.

But the lobbies claim that the amendments significantly confuse the relevant laws on elections including regulations guiding ongoing petitions challenging the August 8 polls.

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