‘Karura Killer’ Lawrence Warunge To Take Plea Today

by Lawyer Alex
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Lawrence warunge the Karura killer.

The university student accused of brutally killing his parents, brother, cousin and a mason in Karura area, Kiambu County is expected to take plea today.

This was after a mental assessment was done on Lawrence Warunge, 22 and his girlfriend Sarah Muthoni said they are both fit to stand trial.

Lawrence has confessed he killed his father Nicholas Njenga Warunge, mum Annie and brothers Maxwell and Christian and their mason James Kinyanjui.

The parents were buried two weeks ago at their home while Kinyanjui was buried last week.
Detectives handling the case have reconstructed the scene of the murder and say it corroborates with the confessions so far.

Lawrence previously told police officers that he got the inspiration to commit the cold-blooded killings from the “Killing Eve”- a British dark thriller.

He claimed in his confession he chose to eliminate the four members of his nuclear family because they were talking ill of him behind his back.

He told detectives that he had initially planned to kill everyone including his two surviving sisters who are in school, but his plans were foiled when the two returned to school on December 5, the day he committed the murders.

Police are puzzled how he managed to kill the five without resistance. A postmortem on the bodies showed they had multiple injuries.

The student was arrested in Kabete area after being on the run for three days and after he went to seek refuge there while on the run.

After he was arrested, he later confessed to the incident and led police to a residence in Mai Mahiu area where they recovered the killer weapon- a kitchen knife-, piece of clothes, shoes and a piece of paper.

He had thrown the exhibits to a pit latrine. Police dug the wall of the latrine and used ropes to recover the exhibits from the 20 feet deep pit.

He also took police to an open field in the same area where he said he burnt some of the evidence.

Lawrence claims he killed the five alone, police said.

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