Kenyan rally driver Asad Khan assaulted to coma by girlfriend Maxine Wahome

by Lawyer Wanz

Rally driver Maxine Wahome was presented before a Nairobi court to face charges of assaulting her boyfriend Kenyan top rally driver Asad Khan who is currently hospitalised in critical condition. 

Maxine Wahome, who can now confirm requested the senior principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi, to hold the case on camera claiming she was the victim. 

File image: Kenya’s 26-year-old Maxine Wahome made history in June, after winning the World Rally Championship-3 race at the Safari Rally in Naivasha, Kenya.

Mr Ochoi allowed yesterday’s proceedings to be covered but said the names of the two be blocked. 

The magistrate further barred the media from using their images, pending a ruling this morning on whether he will allow the application.

Meanwhile, the family of the boyfriend Asad Khan, who is a top rally driver, is appealing for blood donation as he remains admitted at an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ward of a Nairobi hospital. 

When she was presented in court, the police asked the court to detain the woman for 14 days because the injured boyfriend was still unconscious and in critical condition at the high dependency unit.

The court heard that the man sustained a deep cut in his ankle, which was allegedly inflicted by the woman.

The investigating officer informed the court that the woman was arrested on Monday at their apartment. The matter was allegedly reported to the police by a brother to the boyfriend.

The police claimed that the scene was bloody and there were broken glasses. 

The tearful Maxine Wahome in hoodie said through her lawyer that she is a victim of the assault. She claimed that the man hurt himself as he was attacking her.

And as a victim, she needed protection.  

The lawyer further said investigations are yet to be completed and it was still early to conclude who was the aggressor and the victim.

Again, the complainant is yet to record his statement because he is still unconscious. 

She was whisked away by the police and will be presented in court this morning for the ruling on the request by the investigating officer.

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