KMJA Criticize The Disobedience Of Court Orders And Attack On Judicial Officials

by Mahakamani News

The Kenya Magistrate’s and Judges Association ((KMJA) has expressed concern over continuous disobedience of court orders and attacks on members of the Judiciary by the political class.

In a press briefing at the Milimani Law Courts on Friday, the Association’s Secretary General Derrick Kuto faulted politicians for targeting Chief Justice David Maraga and other judges in connection with the discharge of their duties.

Mr. Kuto said State officers who have disregarded court directives are setting a bad precedence in as far as obedience of court orders is concerned.

“Every Judge, Magistrate or Kadhi subscribes to an oath of office to uphold the rule of law and protect the constitution. Occasionally parties that come to court may be dissatisfied with decisions rendered by judicial officers. Parties have recourse in law in such circumstances,” said Kuto.

“It is therefore in bad faith for a litigant to target individual judges and Magistrates in discharge of their duty,” he added.

Justice Jacqueline Kamau, the KMJA President, also weighed in on the continued disregard of court directives by State officers saying this could precipitate anarchy in the country.

“Disobedience of Court orders will lead to total chaos. The 2007 Post Election Violence occurred because people had no faith in the Judiciary, ” she said.

The association called upon Kenyans to support the Judiciary in its quest to uphold the rule of law and defend the constitution.

“As KMJA we believe in the independence of the Judiciary even as we appreciate the interdependence and respect amongst the three arms of government,” she said.

“We call upon all Kenyans to support the Judiciary even as we appreciate the interdependence and respect amongst the three arms of Government,” said the KMJA president.

KMJA emphasised that the Judiciary should be allowed space to ensure the rule of law is upheld, defend the Constitution of Kenya and diligently dispense justice without fear or favour.

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