KNHRC Challenges Uhuru’s Nomination Of CSs And PSs

by Mahakamani News

Kenya Human Rights Commission filed a case seeking orders to quash the nominations released on January 26 saying that the list does not meet the constitutional threshold.

The Commission accuses the President of submitting a list that is defective for vetting and approval without considering the two-third gender rule, five percent of persons with disability and inclusion of youth minority and marginalized groups.

The commission claims that the act is a serious affront to the Constitution.

In addition they say the creation of the office and appointment of persons as the Chief Administrative Secretaries, is unconstitutional.

“The Chief Administrative Secretaries positions were created purposely as consolation prices for the President’s allies who lost in the August 8 2017 General Elections and not for nation building,”claims KHRC.

The commission says that the nominations defeat the very struggle, urge and promulgation of the Constitution 2010.

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