Lamu County MCA sentenced to 21 years in prison

by Wakili Liam
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Mkomani Ward Representative Yahya Ahmed Shee being escorted by several police officers after being convicted by a Lamu Magistrates court of six felony charges.

Mkomani Ward Member of County Assembly Yahya Ahmed Shee has been sentenced to 21 years 6 months by for Lamu Magistrate Court on six counts of resisting arrest and attempted aiding in the escape of three convicts in 2017

“Court finds Lamu MCA guilty of aiding attempted escape of 3 drug traffickers from prison and sentences him to total of 21 years 6 months imprisonment”, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) wrote on their social media pages.

The Office of the DPP further broke down the sentence, it stated, “Yahya Ahmed Shee was sentenced as follows: Count 1 – 4yrs imprisonment Count 2 – 4yrs imprisonment Count 3 – 4yrs imprisonment Counts 1,2 &3 to run concurrently. Count 4 – fine of Ksh 400,000 in default 4yrs imprisonment Count 5 – fine of Ksh 400,000 in default 4yrs imprisonment If fine will not be paid, Counts 4&5 to run consecutive to Counts 1-3 Count 6 – 18 months imprisonment without option of fine”.

The flamboyant Ward Representative also known as Basode was on Thursday last week found guilty in the Lamu Magistrate’s Court for unlawful resistance of arrest, willful obstruction of police officers while in line of duty, instigating a riot and the attempted aiding in the escape of three convicts in a melee that left one dead and two injured in June 2017.

During the fracas, two police officers and two civilians are reported to have been injured as the rowdy youth tried to rescue the convicts; Zamzam Mohamed Salim, Ali Mzee Ali and Athman Yusuf Ali, from police custody.

Mkomani MCA Yahya Ahmed Shee aka Basode

The MCA and two of his accomplices had been accused of physically assaulting police officers Fredrick Machini and Paul Musamuli during the riots.

In his statement which he delivered virtually Senior Resident Magistrate Themba Sitati found the Ward Representative guilty on six counts for which the maximum punitive sentence carries maximum 10 years or a fine for each, adding that the prosecution had proven its case beyond reasonable doubt.

On that Thursday, Basode appeared withdrawn as he was being escorted out of the Director of Public Prosecution’s office where the guilty ruling was handed out and urged supporters to keep calm as he was being escorted to an awaiting boat that ferried him to Hindi Prison.

Sources have intimated that the MCA will appeal the sentence.

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