Late Gakuru Death Inquest: former Nyeri Governor lived in fear of death.

by Mahakamani News
Simon Waruru, the nephew of Governor Wahome Gakuru, swears in a Nyeri court . [Jacinta Mutura, Standard]

A Nyeri Law court was told on Monday 4 November, 2019 that the Late Wahome Gakuru had at several times expressed fear for his life.

In the two-hour testimony from Gakuru’s Nephew, Simon Waruru, the court was told that the governor had voiced fears for his life. This concerns escalated after the 2017 August General Elections.

“The governor was paranoid and was always suspicious of his surroundings. He insisted that no one should be let inside his house without prior consent obtained from him, ” the nephew mentioned.

The nephew also opined that the governor had been under pressure emanating from expectations of people who had supported his campaigns through offering various financial incentives. 

The court also heard that Kinyua Kimuri- one of Gakuru’s supporter- donated money, vehicles and personnel in order to boost the governor’s campaigns. However, after the election victory, Mr. Kimuri had declined a position which he was offered in the County Executive Committee, instead preferring to be a political adviser to the governor as it would not tie him within the office.

According to the testimony, late Gakuru’s frustrations worsened after he failed to appoint some of his close supporters, a move that made him avoid eating out for fear of being poisoned by people who he had mentioned before as ”people not afraid of putting things in his food”. He’s preferred eat out location was at Kiosk’s.

“He was very keen of the environment wherever he was served any food or drink. He told me that his nemesis could collude with hotels to poison him. He preferred eating mandazi and tea because it would take less preparation time,” said Waruru. Waruru further revealed that the late Governor avoided drinking tea which was made in the office. The only food that he trusted was which had been prepared by his chef, Victor Gakuru – another nephew.

Waruru further testified that the late Governor was uncomfortable being chauffeured by Samuel Kinyanjui. He usually referred to him as a ‘mortuary driver’.

Kinyanjui had previously testified that Gakuru sometimes preferred to drive himself. 

“Gakuru used to give scenarios of how one could be assassinated. He kept mentioning that his political enemies could easily use the driver to eliminate him,” the nephew said.

In his closing remarks, Waruru claimed that a detective who led the probe into the governors death had informed him that the governor could have been killed. The nephew claimed that detective Nyuguto had personally mentioned to him that the governor was assassinated.

Waruru said that the governor and the detective had met on the night of November 6, 2017 ( on the eve of his death) at Gakuru’s home whereby the governor played an audio clip of people rumbling about his government.

“The people who were speaking in that clip complained of dissatisfaction at the formation of the government and they plotted to bring him down,”Simon informed the court.

The court was told that the audio clip had been presented to the homicide detectives who processed the accident scene.

According to Waruru, the governor had suspected mismanagement of funds and hence ordered for a special audit of the former regime that was under governor Samuel Wamathai. However, he had faced objections from various people including Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua.

“The governor told me that the Mathira MP would not want the audit to be done because he was an interested party in the previous regime,” he said.

A traffic officer also testified his account. According to him the Governor’s vehicle- Mercedes Benz-  had sustained a huge impact because it was being driven at a high speed. “The vehicle hit the guard rail at one point, ripped off a metal rail and bounced back.”

The inquest is scheduled for January 27 and 28 next year. The reason as to why it was put off is that the prosecution failed to contact two witnesses who had been expected to testify on Tuesday 5 November, 2019.

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