Lawyer Havi Moves To Court To Challenge Decision To Bar Him From Running For The LSK Seat

by Mahakamani News
Lawyer Nelson Havi

A ruling will be made on Monday on Nelson Havi’s case against his disqualification from LSK’s elections in February.

Havi, who says he has 15 years’ experience, wants to be the president of the Law Society of Kenya.

Speaking to the press at Milimani Law Courts on Wednesday, he noted he had 15 practice certificates acquired since 2003.

The court is supposed to determine whether the society should consider practicing or calendar years while vetting the candidates.

The society barred Havi from contesting in the election set for February 22, saying he did not meet the eligibility threshold.

LSK chief executive officer Mercy Wambua informed him of the rejection in a letter on December 13, 2017 .

On Sunday, Wambua noted that persons seeking to run for LSK president must have been in the legal practice for 15 years and that Havi will meet this condition mid-2018.

“He does not have the qualifications as outlined in the LSK Act and the constitution. Having been admitted to the bar on June 12, 2003, he will attain the 15-year threshold on June 12, 2018, three months after the elections and two months after presumption of office of the new leaders.”

Attorney General Githu Muigai and the society have asked the court to dismiss the case.

Both the AG and LSK say Havi is not qualified to run because he does not possess qualifications to become a judge of the Supreme Court of Kenya.

Havi is aggrieved by LSK’s grounds for his disqualification.In the petition that is before judge John Mativo, the city lawyer asks the court to stop the elections.

Havi further argues that the society’s rejection of his nomination papers because of the age limit terms is unlawful and of no basis.

He insists he is qualified to run for the LSK president seat and wants the board to oversee fresh nominations.

Even though the court has not issued any orders, the lawyer has been campaigning in Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu and other parts of the country, promising to fight for young lawyers and ensure they have better terms.

“LSK has lost its voice so I want to make changes in the society,” Havi noted today, adding lawyers did not comment on the media blackout ahead of Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s swearing-in on Tuesday.

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