Learn about Richard A. Portale: A Top Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation Attorney

Richard A. Portale is an established and competent attorney who is a named partner at Portale Randazzo LLP., who has been in practice since 1998.

Portale Randazzo LLP is a law firm that concentrates on criminal and civil defense in state and federal courts nationwide.

In this article, I offer insight into the life of Richard A. Portale including his educational and career background, his practice area, his achievements, his contact information, and his work location.

Who is Attorney Richard A. Portale

Learn about Richard A. Portale: A Top Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation Attorney
Attorney Portale. Image from PortaleRandazzo

Richard A. Portale is an attorney who has specialized in criminal defense law and civil litigation.

Attorney Richard Portale’s Mantra is: “fearless warrior who is not afraid of battling it out- for as long as it takes to emerge victorious”.

Accordingly, Mr. Richard Portale also describes himself as a seasoned warrior who defends his clients against difficult situations and cases where securing a verdict in your outcome seems impossible.

According to Portale, when defending criminal charges that his clients are facing, his strategy is to ensure that the government is held accountable to their burden of proof and for the benefit of his clients.

As such, some clients’ reviews about attorney Portale acknowledge him as aggressive, creative, and calculated in the courtroom, and also someone who represents his clients with empathy, zeal, and a direct approach.

During his free time, attorney Richard Portale enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and rugby.

He is also a family man and has two sons, Hudson & Sebastian, with his fiancé Brooke.

Educational Background

In 1989, Richard A. Portale commenced his undergraduate studies at the University of Buffalo where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in 1994. His major was Interdisciplinary Studies, Classics, and Philosophy of Law

He then went on to study at the John Marshall Law School, where he graduated with his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) in 1997.

Career Timeline 

Attorney Richard Portale has had a long illustrious career.

In this section, I will highlight his career progress.

Mr. Portale began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney (DA) for the Honorable Jeanine Pirro at the Westchester County, New York DA’s Office. While working at the DA’s office, he rose through the ranks from the Motions and Appeals Bureau to Investigations.

After six years, Mr. Portale left the prosecutor’s office in 2003 and joined private practice as a criminal defense attorney.

Between 2003 and 2004, he was an associate at Duffy, Duffy & Burdo where he honed his trial and civil litigation skills specifically in medical malpractice law.

He went on to form the Law Offices of Richard A. Portale, P.C. in 2004 where he worked until 2009.

From May 2009 until December 2011, he became a partner at Pappalardo & Pappalardo, LLP where he won every trial where he was 1st chair. A notable project he handled while working in this firm was “A Speedy Trial Motion to dismiss California Murder Indictment for violating the Due Process rights of the accused”. In this case, the accused could not receive a fair trial based upon pre-indictment prosecution delay. Additionally, Mr. Portale won acquittals in the following trials; a ‘Shaken Baby’ homicide, 6 counts of burglary, Burglary 1st and Assault 1st, and a hung jury in a homicide where he defended an off-duty police officer.

In 2012, he joined Gaines, Gruner, Ponzini & Novick, LLP as a Senior Criminal Trial Counsel. notable to mention that he also set up the firm’s Criminal Division.

From 2017 to the present day, he has worked at Portale Randazzo LLP which he founded with James A. Randazzo.

Richard A. Portale Practice area

Richard A. Portale has a wide range of practice areas that cover both criminal defense and civil litigation. Some of the criminal defense cases he handles include:

  • White collar crimes: such as fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, tax evasion, etc.
  • Homicide: such as murder, manslaughter, vehicular homicide, etc.
  • Drug crimes: such as possession, distribution, trafficking, manufacturing, etc.
  • Sex crimes: such as rape, sexual assault, child pornography, prostitution, etc.

Some of the civil litigation cases he handles include:

  • Asset forfeiture/government seizure: such as challenging the government’s attempt to seize property or money that is allegedly connected to criminal activity.
  • FLSA: such as representing employees or employers in disputes over wages, overtime pay, minimum wage, etc.
  • ERISA: such as representing employees or employers in disputes over pension plans, health benefits, disability benefits, etc.
  • Qui Tam: such as representing whistleblowers who expose fraud or misconduct against the government or public interest.
  • General civil litigation: such as representing clients in personal injury claims, contract disputes, business disputes, etc.

Notable Cases Handled by Attorney Richard A. Portale’s 

Mr. Portale was the criminal defense attorney in the case of the People of the State of New York v Angelika Graswald. In this case, Mr, Portale and his team worked tirelessly for over two years and helped their client to defeat both murder and manslaughter charges by entering a plea deal. Consequently, Angelika Graswald was able to avoid a possible 25-year imprisonment term.

Additionally, attorney Richard A Portale was a co-counsel in a case involving criminal defense attorney Carlos Perez-Olivo, who was Bill Clinton’s neighbor at that time. At the trial, Mr. Portale was responsible for all the forensic evidence, in which he provided scientific proof that Mr. Olivo could not have been the one to shoot his wife.

In 2009, Mr. Portale defended former NFL linebacker Eric Naposki against first-degree murder charges. The following year, he served as lead counsel for Westchester Police Officer James Pileggi in a reckless manslaughter case, resulting in a hung jury. Immediately after, Mr. Portale secured an acquittal for longshoreman Terry Carver in a stabbing case.

Richard A. Portale’s achievement

Richard A. Portale has achieved many remarkable results for his clients in both criminal defense and civil litigation cases. Some of his notable achievements include:

  • In 1998, while balancing studying for Bar exams with the responsibilities of co-managing District Attorney Jeanine Pirro’s re-election campaign, he contributed significantly to her record-breaking win.
  • Between 2012 and 2106, he was the founder and CEO of Real-time Sports, Inc., a platform for the emerging sports world to share their sporting experiences in real-time at a grassroots level.
  • He won every appeal and every trial but one during his time as a prosecutor at the Westchester DA’s Office
  • Securing acquittals or dismissals for clients charged with serious crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, etc.
  • Obtaining favorable settlements or verdicts for clients involved in civil lawsuits such as FLSA, ERISA, Qui Tam, etc.
  • Being recognized as a Top Lawyer by the Global Who’s Who, a prestigious organization that honors successful individuals in various fields.
  • Listed as a Super Lawyer from 2018-2023.
  • Being featured or interviewed as a guest commentator/expert in many television shows or documentaries such as Fox News; Justice with Jeanine Pirro, Netflix, CNN, Dateline NBC, ABC News – 20/20, CBS News – 48 Hours, Good Morning America, ABC Nightly News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The New York Post, Washington Post, USA Today and People Magazine.

Attorney Richard Portale has received numerous awards from many professional bodies. Some of them include:


If you want to contact Richard A. Portale for any legal matter or consultation, you can reach him through the following ways:

  1. Email: You can send him an email at rap@portalerandazzo.com.
  2. Phone number: You can call him on (914) 292-3557.
  3. Fax: You can fax him at (914) 292-3558.

Richard A. Portale is based in White Plains, New York, where his firm Portale Randazzo LLP is located. The address of his office is 245 Main Street, Suite 340 White Plains, NY 10601


If you are looking for an attorney who can handle criminal defense and civil litigation cases with passion, hard work, and commitment to justice, you might want to consider Richard A. Portale.

In his long career, Mr. Portale has tried scores of cases to verdict winning every one but 5.

Attorney Richard Portale handles cases ranging from white-collar crimes, homicide, drug crimes, and sex crimes, to asset forfeiture, FLSA, ERISA, Qui Tam, and general civil litigation. He has also served as general counsel for various medical practices, surgery centers, and labs in New York and New Jersey.

He is admitted to the Bars of New York, United States Federal District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York & DC Court of Appeals.