Legal Alliance for Reproductive Rights: Initiative to Defend Abortion Rights in the US

Legal Alliance for Reproductive Rights, the right to access safe and legal abortion is under attack in the United States.

Several states have passed restrictive laws that ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy before many people even know they are pregnant.

Some of these laws also allow private citizens to sue anyone who helps someone get an abortion, including doctors, nurses, friends, and family members.

These laws are designed to intimidate and harass abortion seekers and providers, and to undermine the constitutional right to abortion established by Roe v. Wade in 1973.

However, there is a new initiative that aims to protect and defend abortion rights in the US.

The Legal Alliance for Reproductive Rights (LARR) is a coalition of over 70 law firms that offer free legal services to people seeking and providing abortions in the wake of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case that could overturn Roe v. Wade.

The LARR was launched in June 2022 by the Bar Association of San Francisco, and is led by San Francisco city attorney David Chiu.

An image illustration of Legal Alliance for Reproductive Rights
Legal Alliance for Reproductive Rights.

What does the LARR do?

The LARR connects pregnant people and providers facing civil suits and criminal charges related to seeking or providing abortions in California and other states with member law firms who will represent them on a pro bono basis.

LARR also provides legal guidance and resources to organizations and groups that advocate for reproductive rights and justice.

The LARR works in collaboration with the Abortion Defense Network, a national network of legal experts and advocates that monitors and responds to anti-abortion legislation and litigation.

Why is the LARR important?

The LARR is important because it provides a strong and coordinated legal response to the unprecedented assault on abortion rights in the US.

It aims to ensure that people who need abortions can access them without fear of legal repercussions and that providers can continue to offer safe and compassionate care without being targeted by lawsuits and prosecutions.

The LARR also seeks to educate the public and the media about the legal and human rights implications of the anti-abortion laws and to mobilize the legal community to stand up for reproductive freedom.

How can you support the LARR?

You can support the LARR by spreading the word about its mission and services, and by donating to its fund.

Also, you may join the LARR as a participating law firm, or as an individual lawyer or law student who wants to volunteer your time and skills.

Contact the LARR if you need legal assistance or information related to abortion rights.

To connect with the LARR, please visit its website at, or email, or call (415) 875-7076.


The Legal Alliance for Reproductive Rights is a new initiative that offers free legal services to people seeking and providing abortions in the US.

The LARR is a coalition of over 70 law firms that are committed to defending abortion rights and justice in the face of hostile laws and lawsuits.

The LARR is a vital resource for the reproductive rights movement, and a powerful example of how the legal community can make a difference in protecting human rights and dignity.

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