Lobby Group Allowed To Join In Safaricom Killer Director Sylvia Mulinge’s Case

by Mahakamani News
Safaricom director Sylvia Mulinge

International Centre for Law and Policy has been enjoined in a case which Safaricom Limited Director-Consumer Business Unit Sylvia Wairimu Njuguna also known as Slyvia Wairimu Muli is seeking to block her prosecution .

Justice George Odunga allowed the agency since it is the one which pushed for prosecution of Sylvia Wairimu Muli who was involved in a road accident on February 1,2015 at around 11:35 a.m along the Southern By-Pass which claimed a life of 8 years old minor.

Sylvia moved to court last year October seeking to stop her arrest and prosecution before the Kibera Court.

“An order prohibiting DPP and IG from arresting , arraigning , processing the Applicant in relation to Traffic Case No. 6843 of 2017”  said Sylivia.

She also sought to block hearing and determination of the Traffic  case No. 6843 of 2017 intianted against her by the charge sheet dated 13, November, 2017.

“Orders be issued prohibiting DPP and IG from taking any steps which would results cumulatively or otherwise arrest and prosecution of the applicant  pursuant to the road accident which occurred on 1 February, 2015 along the Southern By pass” Sylvia said in her court documents.

She further wanted High Court to quash directive on a letter dated  19 October, 2017 purporting to re-open for the trial of Sylvia Wairimu Njuguna on a road accident  which occurred on 1 of February, 2016 in a total abrogation of Sylvia right to fair administrative action.

During the time of accident, the director was assigned to a Toyota Prado which caused the accident at 11:35 a.m along the Southern By Pass as she drove from Ngong Road direction toward’s Langata Road.

Sylvia reported the accident at Langata Police station on the same day and recorded a statement relating to the accident on 2 February, 2017.

The accident killed a 8 year old girl . The matter was investigated by the police.

Two years later Mugeria , Lempaa and Kariuki moved to court seeking orders to declare refusal  of police under command of Inspector General of Police to investigate and take legal action against the the Safaricom Consumer Unit Director Sylvia Wairimu Njuguna as unconstitutional and against public policy.

He further sought declaration that decision by the Langata police station to to determine the closure of the case without informing or seeking directions from the Director of Public Prosecution is inimical and contrary to the criminal justice system.

The organization further want police compelled to investigate and institute proper proceedings against the Safaricom employee.

Hearing to resume.

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