LSK rejects the merger of three state agencies

by Wakili Liam
LSK President
Nelson Havi, Lwas Society of Kenya (LSK) President

On 7th August, President Uhuru Kenyatta signed an executive order establishing the Kenya Transport and Logistics Network -KTLN.

LSK’s petition, filed in court on Tuesday, challenges the consolidation of Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC), Kenya Pipeline Corporation (KPC) and Kenya Port Authority (KPA).

LSK argues that the Executive order that integrated the operations of the three state firms was made without any statutory.

“The framework agreement was signed without public participation contrary to the Constitution,” it argued.

The legal agency further argues that the President cannot restructure or assign functions of state corporations that are under the function and ambit of the Public Service Commission.

According to court papers, the creation of the Kenya Transport and Logistics Network through the impugned Executive is an absolute illegality.

President Uhuru Kenyatta in August issued an Executive Order establishing the Kenya Transport and Logistics Network -KTLN.

The order was to give way for a framework for the management, coordination and integration of public port, railway and pipeline services.

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