LSK Wants Court To Abolish The Directive Disregarding Marriage Certificate Commissioned By Lawyers

by Mahakamani News

NHIF will not recognise marriages commissioned by lawyers.

The National Health Insurance Fund said that it shall no longer recognize and accept affidavits commissioned by qualified Advocates showing proof of marriage.

Law Society of Kenya, LSK has however appealed the directive avowing that the decision deprives their rights to livelihood with the attendant costs and hardship to the members of the public to obtain affidavits from magistrates.

In an application, LSK wants the court to quash the said directive dated February 22 2018 disregarding marriage certificate commissioned by the lawyers.

Representing the LSK, lawyer Paul Nyamodi claims that the directive violates the provisions of Article 47 of the constitution.

Mr Nyamodi further states that the directive is bias adding that it did not give reasons why the affidavits being commissioned by the advocates are being rejected.

“The directive is unfair and an abuse of the respondents discretionary powers,’’ he says.

In addition, the LSK says that the directive imposes unnecessary burden on the magistrates who have a duty to ensure that they deliver justice in the courtrooms.

National Hospital Insurance Fund is demanding proof of marriage before accepting applications to include spouses in the cover.

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