Man arrested over wife’s murder in a chang’aa Den

by Lawyer Wanz
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Police in Ugenya have arrested a middle-aged man who allegedly assaulted his wife to death in a chang’aa den.

According to an OB number at Siaya Police Station, a 34-year-old man is said to have beaten his wife to death after finding her intoxicated at a chang’aa den in Ugenya’s Jera village.

The suspect, Kevin Onyango, reportedly returned home on Saturday evening, only to find his wife Emmaculate Mayavi – missing. He is said to have later found her heavily intoxicated at a chang’aa drinking den, upon which he descended on her with blows and kicks.

Onyango then allegedly put the then immobile 42-year-old woman on a wheelbarrow and pushed her home, where she died after developing complications.
The man arrested is being held at the Sihay Police Station awaiting arraignment to face murder charges.

den Man

Last month, Police in Ugunja held a clean-up operation that nabbed more than 46- 20 litre jerry-cans of the illicit brew in Obunga estate Kisumu county.

Police on Monday arrested three male suspects who were distilling chang’aa and had hidden 75 litres of it in a church compound in Murang’a to avoid detection.

The officers, who were acting on a tip-off, also seized 101 stones of bhang from two female suspects and Sh2,340 they had as proceeds of the trade.

According to area police boss Cleophas Juma, officers found the five suspects at Gikindu village while busy at work distilling the illicit liquor. Another group was tasked with transporting the finished product to the nearby Presbyterian Church of East Africa.

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