Man charged with theft of three tissue paper rolls

by Mahakamani News
Kibera Law courts chief magistrate Joyce Gandani

A man has been charged with two counts at the Kibera law courts. The first count is stealing of tissue paper rolls whereas the second count is knowingly handling of stolen goods and keeping it for his own use. The two offences are proscribed by the Kenyan Penal code in Section 268 and 322(2) respectively.

The man Benard Kibet was arrested and charged after Strathmore University through its security controller, Christian Angwenyi made the complaint to the langata police.

The complainant said that the incident occurred on August 29, 2019 after she found the accused with three rolls of toilet paper valued at Ksh. 300.

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Joyce Gandani, the accused admitted to committing the offense.

In his mitigation, he claimed that he was not aware that it was a crime to take the toilet paper.

The magistrate sentenced him to a jail term of one month or an alternative fine of Ksh. 5,000

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