Man detained for attempting to sale his own land

by Mahakamani News

Hi Mahakamani News, I am Joshua Mwangi, a court process server.

I want to expose a possible collusion by three entities: Kigumo Law courts; Kigumo Police station and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, Kangari.

A recent case happening at the Kigumo law court has not only left one legitimate owner of a prime land almost landless but also incacerated at the Muranga Correctional Center (formerly before promulgation of the constitution, Muranga Prisons).

The prime land is located at Kenol in Muranga County. William Mwangi Itimu is being held in remand with no bond or bail term issued as a result of a mastermind to Larceny the man of his property.

The plan was developed when land owner, William Mwangu Itimu having no apparent heir to inherit the piece of land which is valued at Ksh 20 million visited the area chief to inform him of a possible sale.

A certain Administrative Police eavesdropped through the conversation and heard of the prime land and its location. It is then when this scheme was plotted.

Days later the chief’s secretary was summoned to the CID Kangari Headquarters.

William Mwangi was then arrested and charged with Section 323 of the Penal code that states it is illegal to have in possession or convey in any manner anything which may be reasonably suspected of having been stolen or unlawfully obtained

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