Man in court pleads not guilty over wife assault

by Lawyer Wanz

Kibera man has ended up on the wrong side of the police after assaulting the mother of his kid, with whom they had split up due to marital problems.

The custody of children has frequently been the source of conflict between couples who are already separated or going through a divorce. Many people have gotten into verbal and physical fights.

As the particulars were read out in the court, “ The man, Fredrick Abuto allegedly assaulted Arafa Shamila Ibrahim willfully and unlawfully on September 24 at garage within Kibera area leaving her with harmful injuries.”

It was half-past 10:00 pm when Shamilah noticed that she had no paraffin for cooking and took a little container and dashed to a nearby shop to buy fuel so as to cook for her sick child.

While on her way she heard a familiar voice and when she turned around, she saw her former husband Abuto making a call.

She decided to tell him the situation of their child but the tables turned when Abuto asked her what she wanted.

Shamilah told him that she needed assistance in taking the sick child to the hospital but in a twist of events, Abuto demanded that he be accorded custody of the child and that he will take him to the hospital.

This got her angry and the two got into an argument that saw Abuto raise his hand and drop a punch on her face, hence injuring her. He further wrestled her when she asked him how he provided for his newly married wife yet his own child was living miserably.

The commotion attracted the onlookers who chipped in, separating Abuto from Shamila who had already suffered severe injuries.

The lady went to seek medical attention at a clinic where she was treated. Abuto was later arrested following reports at a police station

The Kibera law courts released the accused on a bond of Ksh100,000 or a cash bail of Ksh20,000. The matter was set for trial in January 2021.

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