Man in defilement case at Kigumo Law courts allegedly framed

by Mahakamani News

Hi Mahakamani News, my name is Joshua Mwangi, a court process server.

I suspect that two women are in collusion with certain court officials from Kigumo Law courts. They have intentions to defraud a 56-year-old man and his sister of a prime property located in Kangari sub-location, Kigumo Constituency.

From my side of the story, the man is a former military official known as Ezekiel Kimemia while his sister is Maryanne Mullen. Both of them are the legal title holders of the land which they were allocated through inheritance. Located inside the land is the Dochas Nasama Children’s home. The home is responsible for providing shelter and accommodation to 60 orphans or thereabouts.

Mr. Kimemia who is a big-hearted man serves as the director of the home. His sister also helps in running of the children’s home however, due to old age she has developed blood pressure and therefore unable to contribute meaningful work as she used to.

Earlier this year, these two women employed by Kimemia to help in running of the children’s home complained to Kigumo police station that the director had molested an 11-year-old minor who suffers from both fistula and downs syndrome. The defilement ‘revelation’ came to light after the girl was taken to a home facility for treatment.

Investigation by the police indicate that the girl pointed at the director as the person who had defiled her when she was asked. My guess is because he was the director, the girl was conversant with his face and because of downs syndrome she could not comprehend what she was being asked thereby incriminating Mr. Kimemia as the molester.

On 20 May, 2019 Mr. Kimemia was arrested and on the next day arraigned at Kigumo law courts before magistrate Agnes Oganda for plea hearing. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. The magistrate denied him bail as the complainants put forward that he was an influential person capable of organizing a riot. The first hearing was scheduled for 16 June, 2019.

Ever since the case commenced the 60 children have been moved to other facilities. I believe that this is a plot orchestrated by these two women and Ann, a court officer working at Kigumo law courts. Their plan is to incriminate Mr. Kimemia and then proceed to change title to the land where the Children’s home is located. Ann recently visited Mr. Kimemia in the remand and threatened her. Maryann, Kimemia’s sister, has also been threatened by advocates representing the victim .

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