Man jailed 31 years for hiring an under-aged girl as a housemaid

by Lawyer Wanz
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On Thursday, October 14, a Busia court sentenced a 27-year-old man to 31 years in jail or a Ksh30 million fine for child trafficking.

Evans Shiundu pled guilty to child trafficking charges after allegedly hiring an underage girl to work as a housekeeper, according to court papers.

In the case determined by the court in Busia, Shiundu is said to have trafficked the 14-year-old girl from Bungoma to work as a house girl in Busia.


Chief Magistrate Lucy Ambasi noted that the man whose nationality is yet to be identified has been operating the child trafficking syndicate with persons, not before the court.

“We appeal to all those who employ school-going children as maids or as helpers in their houses to stop. The sentence is very serious. We have seen instances in Busia where school girls are plucked out of school so that they can work as maids,” the magistrate said in a statement.

The court also noted that cases of child trafficking have been on the rise in the area with most victims ending up in Uganda as child laborers.

In other news, A resident is in prison and has to pay a fine of Dh50,000 for employing a housemaid who was not on his sponsorship, police told Gulf News.

Police said the Egyptian is being detained at Sharjah Central Jail since last week. “The employer and the maid’s sponsor are facing charges of offending the residency law and trafficking in humans,” police said.

Police said the employer will also face jail for beating, abusing and starving the maid for several days. Akluma Khatoon Rahim, 17, Bangladeshi, came to work in the UAE three months ago.

She said that when she arrived, a man picked her up from the airport and took her to his house, where she met his wife and two children. She said she was beaten, starved and verbally abused by her Egyptian employer.

Akluma said the abuse was unbearable, but she was forced to tolerate it to support her poor family back home. The family later kicked her out because she was too weak to work.

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