Man Kills his 43-Year-old Wife with Arrows

by Lawyer Wanz
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The DCI have arrested an Elburgon man after he shot and killed his 43- year old wife with arrows over a sack of maize.

DCI said a sombre mood engulfed Kaptimom Village in Lawina, Elburgon after the 48-year-old suspect Wilson Koech shot killed his wife with an arrow, following an argument over a few sacks of maize.

According to the detectives, the incident that occurred on Tuesday afternoon left villagers in shock. Koech had intended to sell the maize but his wife and son objected.

Feeling dejected, he armed himself with a machete and went after his son Collins Kipchumba who was lucky to escape by a whisker, unscathed.

He then turned to his 43-year-old wife with an arrow and shot her on her left breast, killing her on the spot,” the DCI said.

The suspect has since been placed in custody and is being processed ahead of his arraignment.

I think it’s time for authorities create awareness on how adult males can control stress, anxiety, depression and constant pressure from the society and family. Male figures are looked upon to provide a meal and when they fail, they tend to be violent.

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