Man pleads guilty to taking a video of a woman in toilet

by Lawyer Wanz
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A man accused of filming a lady using a restroom at a gas station in Westlands, Nairobi, has pleaded guilty to the crime.

The suspect informed senior chief magistrate Charles Mwaniki at Kibera Law Courts that he committed the crime to please his eyes. The man also claimed that he was possessed at the moment he committed the crime.

Court heard that Mark Mutongoi intentionally took the video of Margret Wangari without her consent.

The man committed the unlawful act on October 7 at Rubis petrol station in Westlands, Nairobi.

Wangari, the complainant had visited the said petrol station to refill her car and later decided to use the station’s washrooms.

“After she was done she heard some movement behind the washroom,” Court prosecutor Robert Ogallo told the court.


The court heard that it was the suspect’s movement that alerted the complainant that the accused person had strategically placed his phone on the washroom’s window to recording her.

The complainant later alerted fellow women who were within the area to explain the incident which led to the arrested of the suspect.

The case will be mentioned on Friday for further directions.

Last week, A 26-year-old man befriended his girlfriend’s 14-year-old daughter and began having an illicit sexual relationship with her.

The teenager, who was previously sexually abused by a family member, viewed him as a father figure, calling him “daddy”.

She later became pregnant, with the case coming to light after she was admitted to hospital for severe stomach pain and authorities were flagged to a case of teenage pregnancy.

The offender, now 29, pleaded guilty on Tuesday (Oct 5) to three charges of sexual penetration of a minor, with multiple other charges taken into consideration.

All parties in the case cannot be named due to gag orders protecting the identity of the victim.

The court heard that the accused was in a romantic relationship with the victim’s mother from 2015 and later moved in to stay with her.

He was not close to the victim for about a year and a half during his relationship with her mother, the court heard. This was because the girl, who had been sexually abused by a family member when she was 10 to 12 years old, avoided the accused as she was still affected by the ordeal, the court heard.

Over time, the man earned the victim’s trust by assuming the role of a father figure in her life, the court heard. He showered her with affection, splashing the cash on her birthday and taking her out for her favourite activities such as ice skating.

He also cooked, cleaned and cared for the victim when she was ill, and guided her when she needed help with her homework.

The pair grew closer and the victim began calling the accused “daddy”. Her own biological father was in jail at the time.

The relationship between the accused and the victim “developed into a sexual one” in October 2018, said the prosecutor, adding that they started “having consensual unprotected sexual intercourse regularly”.

This usually took place when the victim’s mother, the sole breadwinner, was out working.

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