Meru County: Police hold motorist for murdering bodaboda rider in cold blood

by Wakili Liam

Police in Meru are holding a man accused of stabbing a boda boda rider to death in a fit of rage

The victim, 25 year-old Ian Mwenda is said to have been riding from Maua towards Antubochiu Market on Monday evening when strong winds blew off his cap.

The cap reportedly fell on the road forcing him to turn back to the road to pick up his cap unaware that death was lurking in the shadows.

George Miriti Kalung’e, who was driving behind the rider in a navy blue Probox Succeed, is reported to have been enraged when Mwenda stopped his motorcycle on the road and bent to pick his cap.

A witness told officers from Maua police station that Miriti stopped his vehicle and angrily charged at the rider, demanding to know why he had stopped on the road.

To avoid a confrontation, Mwenda drove off toward lower Antubochiu Market. But an angry Miriti followed him at high speed and overtook him a few metres ahead.

He blocked the rider, came out of his vehicle armed with a knife and suddenly stabbed him. The knife tore through Mwenda’s chest from the front left side killing him on the spot.

Good Samaritans rushed him to Maua Methodist Hospital but doctors confirmed he had already breathed his last.

Officers from Maua police station immediately launched a manhunt for the assailant and arrested him at Mutuati area.

Police seized his vehicle, whose windscreen had been smashed as well as blood stained clothes.

The exhibits have been preserved for further forensic examination as the suspect awaits arraignment for murder, the search for the murder weapon continues.

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