Meru Senator Denies That He Is Married To Marriane Kitany

by Mahakamani News

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi has denied having any matrimonial ties with estranged ‘wife’ Maryanne Keitany.

This was in response to an application by Keitany who is seeking restraining orders against the lawmaker.

“I have never had legal capacity to enter into a customary marriage or any other form of marriage with the Applicant as alleged in the OS, the Application and the Supporting Affidavits. Consequently, I did not and have never had legal capacity to marry the Applicant as alleged in the OS, the Application and the Supporting Affidavits” Linturi court documents state.

He said Keittany was in a monogamous marriage with Langat up to 3 January 2016 and thus lacked the legal capacity to marry or cohabit with me on the dates alleged in the OS and the Application.

Linturi told the court that, the child described is the subject of a joint custody and parental responsibility case between Keittany and her ex-husband Langat and the other child belongs to her sister.

He further said that, Keittany was in a monogamous marriage with Langat up. to 3 of January 2006 and thus lacked the legal capacity to marry with him on the alleged dates. He added that, there is a judgement by High court delivered delivered on 4 of December 2015 by justice Muchelule that dissolved the marriage between Keitany and Langat.

Linturi said he first met the Keitany in mid of 2013 while she was working at the office of the dupty president and in or around June 2015 she approached him with a request to allow her to temporarily stay in any one of my house and establish personal office in any one of my rooms at Atticon’s head offices.

“I was jittery and hesitant to grant the applicant’s request which jittery and hesitant to grant the Applicant’s request, which I found bizarre in view of her high fortune and status in society. The Applicant, however continually pestered and told me that she was in a dire and desperate situation because of the following circumstances- she had lost her job at the office of the Deputy President, after getting implicated in various corruption scandals, she had filed divorce proceedings and thus had difficulties staying in her husband’s houses and she only needed temporary assistance to enable her to get permanent solutions to her dwelling and business problems,” Linturi said in court documents.

Marriane Kitany

He added that, around June 2015, he accepted the Applicant’s request to temporarily establish a personal office in one of the rooms at Atticon’s head offices and asked her to give me time to consider the request to temporarily stay in any one of my houses.

This where Keitany started organizing her business dealings from the personal office she had established at Atticon’s head offices as I pondered on how to resolve her other request.

“Keitany established a rapport with the management and staff of Atticon while occupying the temporary personal office that I had allowed her to establish at Atticon’s head offices. Ultimately, the Applicant somehow managed to secure assignments from Atticon and access Atticon’s registration, business and other critical documents,” added the senator.

Senator Linturi informed the high court judge that, his court had no jurisdiction to grant any order under the matrimonial property in absence of a valid marriage.

The court was further informed Keitany owns several multimillion shillings property and assets held through her children and close relatives as proxy  or nominee shareholders in barons estates limited and Noniko holdings limited from which she can get excellent accommodation for herself and her children.

“The application are mere cloaks for an avaricious fraudulent scheme to deprive me of my rights , interests and ownership of various property,” Say’s Linturi.

He further said Keitany never made any contributions to the acquisition or improvement of any of the properties.

Linturi said he constructed the Runda house between 2016 and December 2017 and upon completion he moved in with his three kids immediately in December 2017.

He claims he used his Runda property to secure a loan of 82,500,000,00 million from Family Bank to secure banking facilities to Atticon limited.

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