Migori: Cop Injured While Trying To Rescue Suspect From Mob

by Lawyer Alex

A police officer based in Isebania was injured while rescuing a suspected thief who was being subjected to mob justice within the town in Kuria West, Migori County.

Kuria West sub-county Police Commander Cleti Kimaiyo said the officer, identified as Eluid Torombo, was attacked by the enraged mob as he attempted to free the suspect from them.

Mr. Kimaiyo said the officer, who finally managed to rescue the suspect after firing three bullets in the air, was injured in the face and was treated before being discharged.

The suspect, on the other hand, reportedly sustained cuts on the neck and head inflicted by the mob that was intending to lynch him.

The police boss said they have been able to arrest seven people in connection to the incident, further appealing to members of the public to avoid mob justice. 

He said suspects of crime should be arrested and escorted to the police station so that the law can take its course.

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