Miguna Asks Court To Make An Order Terming NRM As A Legal Group

by Mahakamani News

Opposition firebrand Miguna Miguna wants to be allowed back into the country.

The self proclaimed National Resistance Movement, (now outlawed) General wants a court in Nairobi to overturn his deportation.

‘General’ Miguna wants the court to suspend the decision that he’s not a Kenyan and that his presence in Kenya was ‘contrary to national interest and should be taken back to his country of origin- Canada.”

He also wants the court to grant an order suspending gazette notice declaring National Resistance Movement (NRM) to be a criminal organization.

Miguna also wants the court to order the government to reinstate his passport and avail it to him.

Through lawyer John Khaminwa, Miguna says that the purported deportation was unconstitutional, unlawful invalid, null and void.

“The petitioner therefore prays for the urgent intervention of this court in order to arrest the continuing violations of his constitutional rights and to mitigate against the continuing irreversible prejudice he is suffering as a result of the illegal actions by the respondents,” he says.

CS Dr Fred Matiangi, Director of Immigration Dr Gordon Kihalangwa, Inspector General of police Joseph Boinett, DCI George Kinoti and officer in charge of Flying squad Said Kiprotich have been named as respondents in the suit.

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