Mike Sonko exposes Judiciary rot in a Series of Videos

by Lawyer Wanz
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Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has exposed how the scheme to impeached him was allegedly orchestrated by respectable members of the Judiciary.

Mike Sonko
Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko in court.

As a new page of impunity turns today in the history of Nairobi, this is just a trailer of a five-part series exposing the rot in the Kenyan Judiciary to be aired in various media local and international platforms. The series is a mixture of corrupt and fraudulent land dealings, my impeachment, sex for justice escapades and succession cases where widows, widowers, orphans and investors have been denied justice, as evident by the actions of Honourable Justice Juma Saidi Chitembwe and some of his fellow learned judges who have conspired to deny me justice by facilitating the hurried swearing in of the incoming Governor. Strangely, after the gazettement of her swearing-in, the hearing date of my Civil Appeal No. E425 and E473 of 2021 scheduled for Monday, 22nd November, 2021 at the Court of Appeal have been removed off the Court of Appeal Cause List for unknown reasons.
The series has in it various audio and video recordings including the following but not limited to:
i. An audio of telephone conversation between Amana Saidi Jirani, nominee and brother to Honourable Justice Juma Saidi Chitembwe and Lawyer Cecil Miller, one of the lawyers who fell out with me, and was instrumental in influencing the judgement upholding my unprocedural removal from office.

ii. A video recording of meetings with Honourable Justice Juma Saidi Chitembwe held at his residence in House No. 31, Mountain View Estate, Waiyaki Way on fraudulent land dealings and my impeachment proceedings where he was a presiding judge and confessed that him and his two colleagues denied me justice since there was lack of public participation at the Senate and lack of quorum at the Nairobi City County Assembly;

iii. Audios and video recordings of Amana Saidi Jirani confessing that he is the brother and bona fide proxy/nominee to the Judge.
The series will also show an Affidavit duly sworn by Amana Saidi Jirani, nominee and brother to Honourable Justice Juma Saidi Chitembwe deposing to the existence of an agency agreement between his brother, the Honourable Justice Juma Saidi Chitembwe and himself.
In as much as I accepted the Supreme Court’s decision allowing the swearing-in slated for today, this is the other side of the story. If I, as Mike Mbuvi Sonko, a validly elected and substantively serving Governor of Nairobi can be denied justice, how about the ordinary Kenyan?
former Governor of the Kenya’s capital shared on his social media handle.

More videos on the link

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