Monica Kimani Murder: Investigators left some exhibits at crime scene

by Mahakamani News

Police officers could have left out crucial evidence while investigating the murder of 28-year-old businesswoman Monica Nyawira Kimani, the court heard Wednesday.

This emerged during cross-examination on the second day of the trial of television journalist Jacqueline Maribe and Joseph Irungu, who are accused of killing Ms Kimani.


Defence lawyers asked crime scene officer Jennifer Jepkosgey why photos shown to the court contained items that were not collected as evidence by the investigating officers.

Among these were a bottle of soda, a glass and a plate on a table in the sitting room, a pair of men’s trousers and sandals in the bedroom, and a razor blade in the bathroom.

On Tuesday, the court was told that it was possible that Ms Kimani was killed in her sitting room before being moved to the bathtub in the bedroom of her Lamuria Gardens apartment in Kilimani, Nairobi.

Ms Jepkosgey acknowledged taking photos of the items, but did not carry them along as part of the evidence.

“There was food, that is smokies on a plate, and a blanket, I took the blanket but left the glass. I was not interested in the bottle of soda. It could be useful,” said Ms Jepkosgey.

Photos produced in court also showed burnt clothing outside Ms Maribe’s and neighbour Brian Kassaine’s houses at Royal Park Estate in Langata.


Pressed to explain whether the clothing was a jacket or a kanzu, Ms Jepkosgey said there were photos showing a jacket, and others a kanzu, adding that she was the one who took the pictures.

Asked to say whether bottles found in a trench outside Ms Maribe’s and Mr Kassaine’s houses could have come from any of the neighbouring houses, she responded, “We had secret information, but if we are wrong, the court will determine,”

She also told the court that she was not interested in CCTV footage at Ms Maribe’s and Mr Kassaine’s residences.

Meanwhile, she said she did not see CCTV footage at Ms Kimani’s house, adding that her colleagues would shed more light on that when they testify.

She also said there was no link between what happened at Lamuria Gardens and the events at Royal Park Estate homes.

The trial continues in camera Thursday since protected witnesses are set to testify.

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