MP Babu Owino issues demand letter to NSSF CEO

by Mahakamani News

Controversial Embakasi East Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Mr. Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino has written a demand letter to Dr. Anthony Omerikwa, the managing Trustee cum CEO of the National Social Security Fund.

As per the demand letter, Mr. Paul Ongili wants the NSSF to refund Ksh 920,000 to Tassia II and Tassia III residents (landowners) who had paid the money being extra fees on top of the initial fees. [scroll down to read the letter]

Mr. Babu Owino argues that he has already constructed the roads and other social amenities. Therefore, Tassia II and Tassia III residents have a right to be refunded the money they paid for similar purposes.

In the demand letter dated September 23, 2020, Babu Owino states that the NSSF initiated land sale in Tassia II and Tasia III, located in Embakasi East, some years back through a tenancy purchase agreement structure.

Embakasi East constituents took up the offer and made full payments to NSSF (including the extra Kh 920,000) towards ownership of the land parcels. To his knowledge, the first time MP states that the land ownership process was completed and none other than His Excellency, the President of Kenya issued the titles for the scheme to the Embakasi East constituents.

However, the MP argues that each of the landowners made an additional payment of Ksh 920,000 above the initial purchase fee. The purpose of the extra money was to improve infrastructure such as roads and any ‘other’ amenities made available of which the MP asserts that have been improved since he took office as the Embakasi East MP.

Consequently, Babu Owino wants the NSSF to stop pursuing the fees. He also wants NSSF to ensure a speedy refund of the extra cost to those who had paid.

Additionally, Babu Owino has since issued threats to Dr. Anthony Omerikwa. The MP has threatened to stage a demonstration from Embakasi East to NSSF building with his constituents. Furthermore, the MP wants the CEO to resign if he fails to refund the land purchasers.

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