Mt.Kenya University Treating The Sex-For-Grades Menace With Levity

by Mahakamani News
Mount Kenya University

Sex-for-mark practice is a common problem in Kenyan institutions, which over the years may have been encouraged by Kenyan universities due to their failure to appropriately sanction erring lecturers.Mt.Kenya University is struggling to save its reputation over the on-going sex-for-grades scandal that involves two proffessors and several lecturers .

Due to the allegations pertaining to sexual impropriety,top MKU officials are working hard to subdue the matter even as Commission for Higher Education (CHE) is probing allegations of sexual abuse against the proffessor and lecturers .

Several female undergraduate students who pleaded anonymity told our correspondent that Mount Kenya University is protecting its male lecturers and also claimed that harassment of female students is done with the knowledge of other lecturers who keep mute because of the “cult-like” nature of their operations.

Mahakamani News discovered that there is a growing number of cases where lecturers and proffessor coerce students into having sex with them for better grades and the University is keeping mum over them .Three students tearfully narrated how the lecherous and unethical lecturers and professors who leverage their power to extract sexual favours from them .They spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution at the University .

MKU Founder Simon Gicharu

As startling as the discovery may be,the University’s management has come out to vehemently deny the accusations and insist such acts can’t happen in the institution. It is evident that management of most universities across the country are no doubt unaware of such practices within the academic community. But they either tend to look the other way, waiting until the name of the institution is dragged in the mud before they take action, or wait for drastic actions to be taken by concerned students before addressing the issue.

Hotel owners near the Thika Based University told an editor of this blog that they experience a rise in activity for the shameful act during the examination period.The question is, why do some unscrupulous lecturers who ought to be part of a student’s character and career builder, bring themselves to ridicule by demanding and receiving sexual or any form of gratification to award marks to undeserving students !

Even as MKU is grappling to hide the sexual harrasment cases ,the rash of sex-for-marks incidents is widely practised in all Kenyan Universities and even all over Africa .Just recently, Nigeria reported the sacking of Professor Richard Akindele by Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife for demanding sex from Monica Osagie a postgraduate student to upgrade her mark.

It is amazing and disturbing that this is happening in an environment that is often believed to be a molding and filtering ground for building a virile leaders and intellectuals that will mount the stage of leadership tomorrow.

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