Nairobi Businessman Arraigned In Court Over Letter Forgery

by Mahakamani News
 Kuldip Sigh Jandu before court

An Asian trader based in Nairobi has been charged before a Nairobi Court with forgery and obtaining money falsely

 Kuldip Sigh Jandu is accused of obtaining Sh 12 million from Shamir Dharamshi Radia by falsely
pretending that he was the registered owner of all the parcel of land situated within Karen area in Nairobi county.

Prosecution accused him of forging document namely letter of authority in respect of the same land purporting it to be genuine letter of authority signed and issued by the chairman National Land Commission Dr Muhammad Swazuri.He appeared before Nairobi Principal Magistrate Kennedy Cherioyot on Tuesday morning.

The magistrate released  him on cash bail of Sh 600,000 pending hearing of the case on July 9.

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