Njeri Thorne seeks Sh200,000 child upkeep from estranged lover – Affidavit

by Wakili Liam
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Joseph Wambembe Sitati and Njeri Thorne

An affidavit sworn by Joseph Wambembe Sitati shows that socialite Njeri Thorne sought Sh200,000 for Child’s upkeep from him.

Mr Sitati, a Director at the state energy producer KenGen says he can only afford Sh30,000 for the minor’s upkeep as the prayer by Njeri to be given Sh200,000 is not itemized, therefore ‘grossly exaggerated, inflated not supported, not corroborated and frivolous to meet her (the plaintiff’s) selfish ends’.

The defendant argues that with a monthly expenditure of Sh320,000, he lives hands-to-mouth and therefore, ‘cannot be reasonably expected to meet the subject child’s expenditure at Sh200,000’.

Mr Sitati says that the Sh30,000 offer to Ms. Thorne is to cater for food and upkeep; he also offers to pay school fees for the child in ‘a school of his choice’, a thing that Ms. Thorne rejects.

“…That his proposal to pay school fees when she is of school age and at a school of his choice is outrageous given he does not know the child”, She argues.

Screenshot of Njeri Thorne Tweet from yesterday

The minor in question in the Njeri Thorne vs Joseph Sitati was born out of wedlock.

Ms. Thorne further says that she has other two kids that he is solely responsible for that costs her Sh700,000 per month and that with the child she had with Sitati, she had to ‘rely on well-wishers and patience from their landlords etc. as I dint have enough to cover the costs’.

Sitati complains that the court hears him because, ‘unless my proposals on maintenance are considered, the plaintiff is likely to persist to continue to demand exaggerated amounts from me and my ability to maintain my family will be greatly prejudiced’.

The defendant is married to another woman whom he has two kids with, he also has a kid out of wedlock with another woman whom he is supporting at a monthly cost of Sh50,000.

He is serving his last term as non Executive Director of KenGen.

He swore the affidavit before Hellen Kisaka, Commissioner of oaths.

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