Nominated MCA Sues Maina Kamanda Over Child Maintenance

by Mahakamani News
MP Maina Kamanda

A nominated Member of County Assembly from Nyandarua County has sued nominated MP Maina Kamanda over child upkeep.

The woman is seeking the court to order the Kamanda to be providing maintenance for the minor.

In her application filed under certificate of urgency, she is seeking for Maina Kamanda to provide maintenance of the one year old child by paying Sh220,000 per month.

“Kamanda be ordered to be providing Kshs 220,000,00 per month being expenses for maintenances of the minor and provide school fees and school related expenses when she become of school going age,” added the mother of one year old baby.

She says the Kamanda is the biological father of the baby.

In the court documents says that, they met in 2017 and started an intimate relationship and were blessed with a child who was born on June 10,2018.

She accuses the MP of neglecting his parental responsibility and caters for the minor’s needs single handedly without his assistance.

Documents filed in court the woman claims she has been providing for the minor without the assistance of Kamanda.

She adds that she has financial constraint by the cost of maintaining the minor all by herself.

The woman has also filed a supporting affidavit listing the monthly expenditure she wants the MP to provide for the child.

“If the court does grant the plaintiff physical custody , care and control of the minor while the Kamanda can be granted access,” said the lady.

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