NYS Suspects Accuse Politicians Of Meddling In Their Case

by Mahakamani News

NYS suspects has told the trial court that they have been convicted in the court of public opinion by politicians.

The defence team in Sh 230 million National Youth Service case have accused politicians of passing conviction against the accused when the trial is still on going.

The lawyers led by Assa Nyakundi, told Anti-corruption trial magistrate Douglas Ogoti that senior politicians have been telling the public that accused in this proceedings will be convicted.

He said such pronounced is prejudicial to the trial which will ,be determined by the court upon completion of the hearing.

The lawyer said whereas its a constitutional right for one to comment, but matters pertaining to proceedings should be left for the court to handle.

The issue came up when the defence team protested to the prosecution failure to supply them crucial documents to enable cross examine witnesses giving evidence in criminal trial.

The documents sought relate to supply and contracts signed by suppliers, which they said are very important to the defence lawyers.

“We can not cross examine the prosecution witness without those documents”. Lawyer Ogamba told the court.

Lawyer Ogamba further told the court that there is an order directing the prosecution to supply all document and exhibits it intend to rely on during the trial.

The trail Magistrate also ordered the investigating officer to be present in court.

The 37 suspects, including former Youth and Gender PS Lillian Omollo and former NYS boss Richard Ndubai have denied graft charges.

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