NYS Suspects Request For Bail Denied By Court

by Mahakamani News
Some of NYS suspects in court

NYS PS and Director General are among the top government officials who will attend their corruption case behind bars.

Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti ruled that the charges the 43 suspects are facing are serious and a compelling reason to deny them bail.

CM Ogoti said although the suspects were presumed innocent, economic sabotage is injurious to the public.

The magistrate also said economic crime is a well designed and calculated scheme and for a profit unlike murder, which an accused persons does at the hit of the moment.

“I find that the charges facing the accused persons are grave offences affecting the economy of the country as a whole and thereby posing serious threat to the financial health of the country and in the opinion of the court, which can lead to anarchy ,threat to peace and threat to national security,”

“This in itself is a compelling reason why bail should be and is hereby denied” ruled CM Ogoti.

He said such crimes might lead to anarchy and a threat to national security.

“Court should not be persuaded by the hefty amounts that accused persons are alleged to have swindled of up to Kshs. 9 billion” urged lawyer Ombeta.

Among the 41 behind bars are Public Service PS Lilian Omollo and NYS Director General Richard Ndubai.

Omollo and Ndubai are accused of approving fraudulent payments of millions of shillings to several firms involved in the scam.

Members of the Ngirita family in Naivasha, whose companies were allegedly paid more than a half of the NYS scam cash have also been in remand.

The DPP blocked the suspects’ bail application, saying they were a flight risk and were likely to interfere with evidence.

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