Oil Libya Senior Managers Accused Of Theft Released On Bail

by Mahakamani News
Joyce Nekoye Wanjala, Nancy Waeni Mutune, Antony Mugo, Stanley Njoroge and Samuel Marete before court

Five people have been charged of breaking into an Oilibya Juja Road service station and stole property worth over 1.5 million.

The five, two women and two men appeared before Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Kennedy Cheruiyot pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Joyce Nekoye Wanjala, Nancy Waeni Mutune, Antony Mugo, Stanley Njoroge and Samuel Marete were accused of breaking and entering Juja service station where they stole property worth Sh1,530,000, belonging to Maced Limited.

They are also charged with stealing ten units of CCTV cameras worth Sh400,000, Digital video recorder valued at Sh200 000, gas cylinders approximated at Sh200,000, lubricants valued at Sh500,000, car wash vacuum cleaner worth Sh30,000 and fuel of an approximated value of Sh200,000.

The are also accused that on June 7, 2017 at Juja road Service Station they willfully and unlawfully damaged 5 door padlocks valued at Sh12,500 the property of Maced Limited.

Maced Limited is said to have been in agreement with Libya Oil Kenya Limited to operate the Oilibya Juja Road Service Station and resell Oilbya products at the service station.

According to Oilbya, Maced was in breach of agreement and failed to maintain the minimum inventory levels and having unpaid cheques in respect to products delivered to Maced by Libya Oil Kenya Limited.

Thereafter Maced Limited made a criminal complaint alleging breaking and entry in to the Service Station and theft of property where three of their employees Waeni Kwainga, Anthony Muraya and Joyce wanjala as well as Libya Oil Kenya Limited employee Samuel Marete were then charged in court on August 2017.

Thereafter on January 23, 2018 the prosecution withdrew charges against all the accused persons after a claim by the DPP that the matter is a civil one which was being dealt with the Civil Suit as referred to Arbitration.

Later on May 39 ,2019 the High Court ruled that the case stays as a criminal matter and be mentioned on 4th June,2019 which resulted to the accused persons being charged and taking plea today.

“Your honour the accused persons were released on Sh100,000 cash bail each and for the sake of consistency I plead that they be released on the same since the court had not refunded the cash bail they paid ,”he said.

Cheruiyot ruled that they be released on the same cash bail of 100,000 and a bond of 200,000.

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