Once friends, Lawyer Apollo Mboya & Activist Jerotich Seii fall out, a lawsuit is headed to court

by Wakili Liam
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Lawyer Apollo Mboya (left) and activist Jerotich Seii

Lawyer Apollo Mboya has sued activist Jerotich Seii for defamation.

“…The defendants is a media company and activists respectively with substantial number of followers in social media through their Twitter account handles @SpiceFMke and #HumanityKE @JerotichSeii and other social media platforms where the defendants’ published defamatory tweets against the applicants/Plaintiff”, the certificate of urgency filed at the High Court stated in part.

In 2018, the two teamed up to take on Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) for energy injustice that was characterized by high power bills (mostly grossly inflated), disconnection of electricity and exploitation of loopholes in the procurement, by the senior management, to steal from the parastatal. Their campaign, #SwitchOffKPLC, was massive on social media, especially Twitter.

They fell out towards the end of that year, and Apollo Mboya has never tweeted since then.

In the suit, the former CEO of the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) wants the defamatory tweets made by the energy champion pulled down.

“THAT pending the inter parte hearing and determination of this Application and suit, the Defendants pull down all the impugned publication and videos in their twitter handles and in any other media platform making reference to the Applicant”, the certificate of urgency further states.

Jerotich announced on her social media platform, calling for Kenyans to enjoin in her defence. The #SwitchOffKPLC movement has in the past, through tweets, claimed that Mr Mboya was bribed to drop the cases against KPLC.

“The 2nd Defendant has in a series of tweets published several statements of allegations of or concerning the Plaintiff and Judicial Officers, which are false, unsubstantiated, baseless and unsupported and therefore defamatory of the Plaintiff”, the suit also states

Apollo Mboya who is also an advocate of the High Court did not respond to the tweets.

Mboya tells the court that he has ‘has suffered and continue to suffer substantial damage to his reputation”.

It remains to be seen how this will pan out.

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