Pathologist Testifies As Governor Obado Murder Trial Kicks Off

by Lawyer Alex
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The late Sharon Otieno’s body had seven stab wounds, including two under the left year, when presented to government pathologist Johansen Oduor for examination at the Oyugis level four hospital in Homa Bay county.

These wounds, according to Oduor, include two slash ones under the left year and multiple others which caused the deceased’s skin to slip at the back.

Oduor was testifying before presiding judge Cecilia Githua on Monday, July, 12, 2021, on day one of the hearings in which Migori governor Okoth Obado, his personal assistant Micheal Juma Oyamo and Casper Obiero, are battling charges in relation to the 28-year old’s murder.

The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has lined up 34 other witnesses besides Oduor in the case against the second-term governor, who recenetly indicated he will vie for the presidency.

Oduor further told court Otieno’s body was pale, an indicator she’d lost so much blood.

Otieno’s body had a 28-week old that also died as a result of the stab wounds.

Obado has conceeded he was the father of the baby, with DNA reports confirming as much. But he denies murdering Otieno, a second-year Medical Records and Information student at Rongo University whose body was discovered at Kodero Forest in Homa Bay County in September of 2019, a day after she was abducted.

After examining the body in the presence of other detectives, Oduor formed an opinion that Otieno died as a result of severe bleeding due to what is described in medical terms as a penetrating force trauma and manual strangulation.

Hearing continues.

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