Police arrest 3 suspects for selling illegal drugs

by Lawyer Wanz
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Three suspects, John Musya, Paul Mumo and Julius Musya all aged between 23-24 years were arrested in Mwingi town as they hawked the highly addictive illegal drugs that were carefully concealed in seven sachets.

Over 10 rolls of weed were also recovered from the suspects, who had contravened curfew orders to ply their illegal trade in Mwingi town. It is believed that the suspects sell the illegal drugs to twilight girls, who moonlight in the busy town.

The suspects were placed in custody pending arraignment in court for being in possession and trafficking in narcotics.

Elsewhere, a 29-year-old man committed suicide on Saturday night at deliverance court in Umoja estate, following a disagreement with his wife over an unknown issue.

His wife had made good an earlier threat to quit their marriage, despite his pleadings that she doesn’t desert him.

After the argument, the woman is reported to have packed her belongings and gone back to her parents home in Dandora.

The man only identified as Brayo was so heartbroken and later in the night he wrote a text message to his estranged wife informing her that he had left her the world ‘nimekuwachia dunia.’ Worried, the woman tried to call him frantically to dissuade him from taking his life but the man’s phone went unanswered,” DCI said.

Overwhelmed by emotions, she returned to the house early yesterday morning accompanied by Brayo’s brother to check on him, only to be confronted by his lifeless body lying on the bed. Brayo had taken a poisonous substance that killed him instantly.

Scene of Crime detectives documented the scene and moved the body to Mama Lucy hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

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