Police Arrest a Doctor For Administering Abortion

by Lawyer Wanz

A doctor who was found conducting an abortion at a private health facility was arrested by police. Jonah Morori of Prestige Health Points Medical Centre was arrested alongside his colleague, three nurses and a girl who said to have procured an abortion in Ngara on Thursday.

Jonah Kipsiror Morori holds a bin containing a foetus during his arrest at Prestige Health Points Medical Centre in Nairobi on October 15, 2020.
Jonah Kipsiror Morori holds a bin containing a foetus during his arrest

Officers from Pangani arrested the suspects after receiving a tip-off from members of the public.

The officers recovered apparatus used to carry out abortions and several foetuses.  

Two girls found at the facility said they had procured abortions. One had paid Sh12,000 and the other Sh10,000. Prestige Health Points Medical Centre where six people were arrested for allegedly carrying out an abortion on October 15, 2020.

Upon questioning, Morori said the hospital belongs to a woman and is run by three doctors, including himself.

Deputy police boss William Sirego said the six are locked up at Pangani police station.

“The men had not produced any documents to prove that they were doctors. They have no registration numbers,” he said.

Sirego said the girl arrested alongside the medics will be taken for testing before the suspects are arraigned.

Sources told the Star that the hospital has been in operation for several years.

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