Police arrest man for selling dog meat

by Lawyer Wanz

Police in Nyandarua are holding a man suspected to have been selling dog meat to unsuspecting buyers in Wanjohi area, Kipipiri sub-county.

The suspect identified as Ndirangu Wahome was arrested on Sunday, May 5, 2022, after one Margaret Wambui reported to the area chief that he was hawking suspected fried dog meat in a hot pot.

Wanjohi location chief immediately dispatched police officers to arrest Ndirangu Wahome on being notified that the suspect was selling dog meat.

Police raided the home of the suspected dog meat seller and upon searching in his compound they found a slit separate dog head, a sufuria which he used to cook the meat, a blood-stained knife and a blood-stained machete.

A wire that he used to trap the dogs and another live dog suspected of waiting to be slaughtered were also found in the suspect’s home.

They also recovered about 10 grammes of bhang in Ndirangu Wahome’s home. The suspect was placed in custody at Wanjohi Station awaiting arraignment in court.

It’s not the first time that cases of illicit meat being sold to unsuspecting buyers are being reported in Kenya. In 2018, police in Nakuru arrested James Kimani who was selling cat meat to samosa vendors in the city.

Kimani claimed he had sold over 1,000 cats to samosa vendors and a hotel in Nakuru city since 2012. According to him, he had a market for cat skins and that he earned at least Ksh500 for every cat he slaughtered.

I began this business in 2012 after I saw there was need for the meat by samosa sellers. I tell my clients that I get the meat from Gioto (a popular dump site) but they do not know it is cat meat,” the suspect told journalists.

Kimani was arrested in the Railways area within Nakuru city while skinning a cat. He was jailed for three years after a Nakuru court found him guilty of the offence.

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