Police Has Been Arrested For Pushing His Fiancé Over The Balcony

by Lawyer Wanz

A Police in Ngumba who allegedly pushed his fiancé over the balcony of an apartment they have been living in was arrested on Saturday, July 3.

The incident attracted a huge crowd. The lady fell on the rear windscreen of a Nissan Tida.

In the report Joshua Owiti, a security guard at an apartment called Kwea House called the police at 4 am.

According to police, the officer identified as Kelvin Amwayi has been having family issues with his girlfriend called Jackline Muthoni.

There was a heated argument and commotion which led to the falling of the lady from the fourth-floor balcony,” the police report read in part.

She woman was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Before the police arrived at the scene, the main suspect in the murder managed to flee the scene of the incident.

Police realized that the suspect was their colleague after they discovered a police note bearing the identity of Police Constable Amwayi Yakhama.

The recent incident comes after Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai launched a program to provide police officers with psychological assistance.

Dabbed as “Muamko Mpya-Healing the Uniform” the program “strives to create and hold safe spaces in police stations, offices, camps, colleges and communities thus enhancing peer to peer support for officers to feel safe enough and dignified to share their stories and experiences of stress, anguish and trauma in a confidential and non-judgemental environment.”

While launching the project, IG Mutyambai said he is passionate about healing the police of stress and trauma they regularly experience in the course of their duty.

The IG revealed that while it is true that every person experiences stress and trauma, the disciplined service is unique in that whenever they go out on their day to day activities, they encounter scenarios and incidents that are stressful and traumatic, leaving emotional wounds in their hearts even as they continue providing safety and security of the citizens.

According to a Kenyatta University Research Study (2012) on factors contributing to stress, suicide and murder among police officers in Kenya, the work of a police officer is often exhausting, dangerous, and even traumatic.

It further states that Police are generally at the receiving end of all community problems. They are expected to maintain law and order in very difficult situations besides putting their lives at risk as soon as they leave home every day.

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