Police Have Arrested Two Parents in Kajiado For Torturing 3-Year-Old Step-Son, Feeding Him Faeces

by Lawyer Wanz
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Two parents have been arrested by police in Ilbisil village of Kajiado County for allegedly mistreating their 3-year-old stepson.

The 3-year-old has injuries all over the body, inflicted during beatings, some of which appear to be from bites.

Even worse, the step-mother Faith Wanja is accused of feeding the young boy with faeces.

Pictures showing of the 3-year-old boy’s body are quite disturbing, with the physical injuries including to his private parts serving as evidence of the torture that the baby has been through.

Ako na alama za kuumizwa kwa uso, ako na alama za kucha, mdomo nje na ndani…. mtoto hawezi fungua mdomo vizuri. Kwa sehemu nyeti kuna majimaji inatoka inaonekana alifinywa..,”said Dr. Daniel Sankale.

Residents say the boy’s father Michael Kamau and his step-mother Faith Wanja have been mistreating the boy for some time and that Ministry of Health officers who were administering polio vaccines in the area are the ones who reported the matter.

“Huyo mama alichapa mtoto ati kwa sababu amejiharia, mimi kuchungulia naona anapatia mtoto mavi,” said Elizabeth Simiyu, one of the neighbours.

Kajiado County Police Commander Daudi Loronyokwe confirmed the incident adding that the two parents will be arraigned.

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