Police nab a 35-year-old who slaughtered his wife

by Lawyer Wanz
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A man suspected of murdering his wife in cold blood early this year, has been arrested by detectives in Kwale County.

Hamatton Ismael Karisa alias Ismael Charo Mumba, was arrested as he tried to cross to Tanzania, at the Lunga Lunga border point.

In a murder most foul, the 35-year-old suspect is believed to have hacked his wife using a machete, killing her on the spot. The couple had experienced a troubled marriage and the deceased Nehema George Karisa, had gone back to her parents home in Bamba.

However, on this fateful day, the deceased’s estranged husband walked into her parents’ compound, to ostensibly iron out the issues that had bedevilled their marriage. After hours of dialogue with the deceased’s parents, he managed to convince her to return to their matrimonial home, together with their one year old baby.

Unknown to the deceased, her husband had hatched an evil plan to eliminate her and was just leading her to her death trap, away from her parents home.An hour later at around 7:30pm, the deceased’s lifeless body was found lying by the roadside in a pool of blood, next to Jila Chief’s camp in Bamba. The body had deep cuts at the back of the neck. In a heart wrenching scene, the couple’s one year old baby was still carefully strapped on the back of the deceased, using a leso.

The suspect immediately went into hiding after the incident and detectives have been looking for him since then. Today morning, a member of the public spotted the suspect as he tried to cross to Tanzania, in a bid to evade justice.

The concerned citizen notified us through our anonymous toll free line and detectives based in Ganze, immediately swung into action and arrested him. The suspect is now in custody for the heinous murder of his wife and shall be arraigned in court tomorrow to answer to his crimes.

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