Police Nab a Student For Stabbing and killing His Colleague Over a Flash Disk

by Lawyer Wanz

A Form Two student has been arrested by Police for allegedly stabbing and killing his 19-year-old friend following a fight over a flash disk in Gatekwera area within Kibra, in Nairobi.

Police say the two argued over ownership of the flash disk before the 15-year-old suspect picked a kitchen knife and attacked his friend.

According to a police report, the suspect then later surrendered to Kibra DC police officers on Sunday evening after committing the act on Saturday.

The suspect was later transferred to Kilimani Police Station pending arraignment on Monday.

The mother of the suspect was also rescued from the wrath of the irate locals who torched their house after the incident.

The suspect is a student at Kibera Secondary school.

The incident comes days after another student hammered a nail in the head of his headteacher in anger after he was sent home for not completing his school fees.

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